Sunday, November 3, 2019

191103 - Winding down

Day: 17
Date:  Sunday, 03 November 2019
Start:  Sheffield
Finish:  Railton
Daily Kilometres:  15.3 (12.3 TT plus 3.0 in towns)
Total TT Kilometres:  442.9
Weather:  Mild and mostly overcast with some showers later in the day.
Accommodation:  Cabin
  Breakfast:  Apricot Danish
  Lunch:  Chicken salad roll
  Dinner:  Hamburger with the lot and chips, ice-cream.
Aches:  None really
Highlight:  The first 5km out of Sheffield followed the course of an old rail line through farmland and forest.  It was soft underfoot and the walking was easy. I listened to the Deloraine Community Radio station which plays music I like (though even I find some of it a bit old) with little interruption and I found myself singing along out loud as I walked along and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
Lowlight:  Now that I'm in a more populated area, I'm again seeing a lot of rubbish dumped along the vehicle-accessible forest roads.  At one point, I met a guy driving along slowly in a pickup with a large slab of concrete in the tray, and I have little doubt he was looking for somewhere to dump it.
Pictures: Click here (For some reason, pictures for the last two days were not accessible. This has now been corrected and the links for those two days work.)
Map and Position: Click here for Google Map
I slept fitfully, waking a few times with pain in my feet, but managed to doze in bed all the way through to 9am and checked out of the motel at 10am.  As planned, I walked to the bakery next door and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before walking out of town, admiring the many murals adorning the walls of buildings.

Once out of town, the TT followed an abandoned rail easement for 5km through farmland and forest (see above) and then entered a pine plantation, following forest roads.  It was pleasant walking, apart from the dumped rubbish (see above), and I found a quiet place to eat the roll I had bought for lunch from the Sheffield bakery.

From there it was another hour or so walking on rural back roads and old trails to get to the very small town of Railton. Unlike Sheffield, Railton seems to be a very quiet town in decline with nearly as many closed stores as open ones. 

I had a short walk around town, bought a snack, and walked to the cabin I had booked on the outskirts, arriving around 3pm.  After attending to a few chores while watching cricket on TV, I later walked back into town to the fast food store and got some dinner.  It was an easy and enjoyable day, and I am almost sorry my Tasmanian Trail hike is nearly over. One day to go.

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